Artwork by Michael McVeigh
Michael McVeigh CLOSEOPEN

Michael McVeigh was born in 1957 in the post-war council estate of Lochee, Dundee located on the north west of the city, he was one of five children. He left school with no formal qualifications; however he wanted to be an artist and so began, unannounced, going to classes at Duncan of Jordanstone Art College, his presence being challenged eventually. James Morrison, then one of the lecturers, formalised his position and accepted him as a full-time student based only on his drawings and painting.


Since moving to Edinburgh in 1982 Michael has become a familiar figure seen regularly working in the city and until recently, had a stall on Rose Street selling his ‘lizard’ prints. ‘Lizard’ is his spelling of ‘laser’– colour copies of his original works, for sale at an affordable price.


His paintings and prints depict everyday life in Scotland and the Scottish people, but when infused with his own personal perceptions, take on a dreamlike quality, and are abundant with poetic imagery.


Working largely from his imagination, the subject of each piece, though rooted in reality, blossoms and grows into something fantastical and full of feeling.

Many of his paintings focus on city life in Scotland, with all its subcultures and traditions. Edinburgh streets, Scottish pipes and drums, harbour scenes and pubs, fisherfolk and folk musicians all come together to convey the character of a busy and burling merry-go-round city – in full swing.


His paintings and etchings are now available in established Glasgow and Edinburgh galleries and are also to be found in prominent collections throughout the UK.